Venchie Christmas Fair 2017, Santa’s Grotto and Giving Out of Presents in the Community

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Santa outside Venchie Children and Yong People's Project



Venchie Christmas Fair 2017

What a wonderful (and quick) year it’s been!

The children and young people have had fun attending our various clubs and activities, which includes, most recently our Venchie Christmas Fair!

You may have seen our Christmas Fair poster on the lead up to it, we’d like to give Billy Douglas a big thank you for creating it 🙂



The Fair was held on Saturday 16th Dec, at our centre on Niddrie Mains Terrace and was attended by hundreds of members of the community, and some from further afield, many of who attend our regular clubs and activities, and some new faces too 🙂

It was a very busy and eventful day with a raffle, lot’s of food, a huge amount of toys for our tumbola and a visit from a very special person.



This years raffle prize was a beautiful Christmas cake, made and donated to the Venchie by Evelyn Conquer, so a big thank you to her.



Our tombola was hugely popular and had more Christmas toys than Smyth’s!

There were enough toys to run two separate tumbolas, one for the boys and one for the girls.


Tombola Table


Boys Tombola Table

Boys Tombola Table

Boys Toys Tombola Table


Girls Tombola Table

Girls Tombola Table

Girls Toys Tombola



Opting for something less traditional, the food was bacon rolls, sausage rolls and some cheese rolls with lots of tea and coffee and was very much enjoyed by all.


food being prepared


Crafts and Sweeties for Sale

The children were kept busy making lots of lovely craft items to sell. We had decorated candles, reindeer dust and much, much more.

There was also lots of nice sweeties for sale 🙂

table of crafts for sale

table of sweets for sale



Santa Arrives in Style

The man in the big red suit, known to lots of people as SANTA also arrived to take up residency in his grotto.  Santa was very lucky and arrived in style in a soft top mustang, organised by George McGuire of the Dunedin Harley Davidson Group.

santa in a soft top mustang

santa with his bell

santa meets children

santa in childrens playground


The Grotto

Santa enjoyed his residency in the special grotto set up for him at the Venchie and meeting all the children, all of who must have been very good as there was presents for everyone. The kids had a great time meeting him and telling him what they would like on Christmas day.

Santa in his Grotto

santa with a little girl

santa with a little boy

santa with a boy and girl

santa with 2 little girls


Santa once again took up residence in his grotto the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday where 100 children came to visit him and received a delightful gift, you can see more of the pics in our Gallery


Thank You

We want to thank all staff for the work they have put in and more so all the extra hours more recently, these things wouldn’t happen without us all pulling together.

So, thanks so much Simone, Billy, Pauline, Nikki, and Nicole and Britney our fantastic volunteers.

We must also give thanks to four amazing mums who have been fabulous in recent fundraising and volunteering, giving lots of time and energy to these events, thank you Leeanne, Lynn, Evelyn and Angela.

Of course ,a special thank you must be said for Santa who has been awesome, giving each child his time to find out what they are hoping for for Christmas, thank you Mike 😉



In Other News

Santa joined us again on Friday the 22nd of December, along with Mrs Clause three elves and a Santa’s workshop worker, to give out Christmas presents in the local community.

The Venchie minibus was used for transport so that Santa’s reindeer could have some much needed rest before their annual global trip late on Christmas eve.  80+ gifts were given out, visiting 36 houses, also handed out were 40+selection boxes and teddys to children met in the streets.

5 hampers were handed out courtesy of Wendy Watson (thank you) and given to families that just need a little bit extra help. Big thanks to Venchie staff and volunteers Simone Billy, Mike, Britney and Pauline, who made soup and crusty bread for tea. Not forgetting the other staff an volunteers that have helped out behind the scenes.

Well done to everyone 🙂


Santa arrives at a house

Santa and Mrs Clause with 2 girls

Santa Giving Presents in the Community

Santa with kids in their house