Save the Venchie Meeting

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Save the Venchie Meeting


The Venchie Hold Meeting to Discuss Ideas to Fight Closure


Tuesday morning the 27th of August the Venchie hosted a small meeting to try and gather people and ideas to fight for the Venchie. Susan Heron and Mike Bridgman stood up and gave an excellent speech about what the Venchie are going through making us all aware of just how much this would effect the children in our community.


Everyone that came along had strong opinions and were willing to help out the Venchie as much as they could! Having the support from our community can make a huge difference, even the smallest thing can help. The group came up with all sorts of ideas which we believe could help the Venchie in their battle to save their club! We plan to get this information out there to as many people as possible because the more people who know the more support the Venchie will get!


Losing the Venchie would have a huge impact to so many people’s lives, but losing the breakfast club would impact children’s attendance, getting a nutritious breakfast in the morning, keeping their teeth healthy by brushing them everyday, and so much more that people don’t realise. The Venchie even pick children up from their door in the morning; if they didn’t have that they would be sent out into the dark mornings to walk to school themselves, also having the responsibility to cross roads by themselves.


If you would like to help us in the fight to save the Venchie then please contact one of the staff there OR you can come along to the next meeting on Wednesday 4th of September at 7PM! Your support would be much appreciated!


By Jamie Daykin


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