Breakfast Club


The Venchie runs a very successful bespoke breakfast club every day term time.

We collect 30 children from their homes in the greater Craigmillar area and bring them to the Venchie where we set hygiene routines of brushing teeth and hand washing, we also offer homework help.

Before being walked to school ensuring they arrive on time, the children are served a very healthy nutritious breakfast from a variety of foods such as:

  • cereal
  • toast
  • pancakes
  • fresh fruit
  • water
  • fruit juice


The Benefits

Our Breakfast Club promotes healthy eating and gives the children a good start the day with a nutritional breakfast. There are other benefits from this, it’s been proven that children starting the day with a nutritional breakfast have an increase in energy, are more alert in class, are able to retain information better with improvements in attainment and general health and wellbeing.

Starting the day at our breakfast club then being walked to school also promotes puntucality and attendance.


“The Breakfast Club helps me to get to school on time in the morning, I get nice food and get to play with my friends before school”

Alisha T.


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