Breakfast Club Facing Closure

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Venchie Building and Playground


The Venchie Children In The Evening News: Facing Closure


In 1961, the possibly first adventure playground in Scotland was created by Edinburgh University Settlement, known as Niddrie Adventure Playground. It is now known as The Venchie by most in the community. The Venchie has been supporting young people for years now and is known as the heart of our community because many adore it. With many holiday schemes, a breakfast club, after school clubs, etc, it is a strong place in our community where all young people are welcome!


Now it faces closure after the council has halted funds to help keep the Venchie going. Three years ago the Venchie had been threatened to lose their fundings until the council had been persuaded and the Venchie had been given fundings for that year and another two years. It was a major victory! but now they are threatened once again as the funding has come to an end. They are surviving at the moment, however, the funds they have now will only take them up to christmas time and may have to close by the end of the year.


This is extremely upsetting in more ways than one; closure will have a huge impact on the community and the young people who attend the Venchie for support. It isn’t just about providing breakfast for these children. The Venchie does so much more than just give the kids cereal and toast in the mornings; their day starts off around 6:30 am by phoning parents to wake them up then the workers set off in the minibus to collect kids ranging from areas such as Cameron Toll to Newcraighall.


The worrying thing is that without the Venchie half of these children would not attend school or would be late, resulting in missing out on their education! Every child has the right to an education and should not miss out on it. Education is extremely important and the Venchie are helping children receive an education by picking them up every morning and running the breakfast club. And getting to school late isn’t all good either as walking into a full classroom late can cause anxieties and probably attract attention that the child doesn’t want. Walking into a classroom late isn’t nice. They even walk the children to the school lines, not every breakfast club goes that far. Not every breakfast clubs COLLECTS a child from their house to ensure they get breakfast and arrive at school on time.


The breakfast club is such a helpful resource that is helping both children and parents in their busy daily lives. Some parents work therefor aren’t able to take their kids to school, some are single parents that struggle in the mornings, and some are struggling with mental health which effects their daily life.


The Venchie is a helping hand for anyone who needs it!


The Venchie has recently been featured in the Evening News following threats of closure. They hope that the article will attract attention from the right people to hopefully spark something and get the fundings they deserve!


The Edinburgh Evening News article can be read here…


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